Ham Campus Experts Comittee


The Campus will cover everything related to ham: the genetics of the pig, its feeding, curing processes, drying thermodynamics, cutting, sector regulations and sensory tastings. The program has been developed by a Committee of Experts and chefs of wide recognition, such as Jesús Sánchez, from the restaurant Cenador de Amós*** (Villaverde de Pontones), Samuel Naveira, from MU.NA* (Ponferrada), Óscar Molina, from La Gaia* (Ibiza) and Mª José Martínez from the restaurant Lienzo* (Valencia), adding up to a total of six Michelin stars.


Ham Master Course

A comprehensive course that covers everything from the essential knowledge of the pig to a final practical workshop, including legislation and regulations.

· Block 1: The Pig: Breeds, Classification, Selection and Crossbreeding, Breeding and Feeding, Farming
· Block 2: Ham: History/Origin, Production process and elaboration, Anatomy, Terminology; Parts, attributes and defects
· Block 3: Legislation and standards: D.O.P., I.G.P., E.T.G. SAE, IFS, BRC, etc. Legislation and labeling
· Block 4: Practical Workshop: Knife cutting, boning, sensory

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